Determining caries risk

A complete case history including nutritional habits, daily oral care, etc. helps to estimate the individual’s risk of caries. A clinical exam establishes the surface structure of the teeth (i.e. deep fissures), crowding of teeth and the condition of the old fillings. Frequently the clinical exam is not sufficient for a complete diagnosis. Caries detection is difficult in tight interdental spaces and under old fillings in spite of good lighting and a mirror.




Digital x-ray

kodak-sensorFor this reason x-rays are necessary in order to complete the diagnosis. Our digital x-ray machine is one of the most modern in digital technology and reduces the radiation exposure by up to 90% compared to conventional x-ray devices.

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Laser diagnostics

diagnodent-penThe earlier caries is detected, the less the damage. The caries detector DIAGNODENT detects caries in the very early stages, before it is visible or probable. Thus we can detect the smallest carious lesions without pain or radiation.

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